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About Dr Michael Lange

Lange Eye Care in Florida was started by Dr. Michael Lange an Optometrist and Board Certified Nutrition Specialist March 15 1993. Lange Eye Care opened to 14 locations by 2014. The Lange Eye Institute is one of the largest eyecare centers of its type in the state of Florida. Lange Eye Care has close to 20 doctors on staff and can handle anything from minor eye irritation to advanced eye surgery. Lange Eye Care Florida has one of the largest supplies of contact lenses in the state and this allows for 99% of all patients that are fit in contacts to leave with their contacts on that day. Dr Michael Lange started his first office in ocala Florida on 3/15/1993 and then second office in Gainesville Florida in 94. Lange Eye Care had opened to 13 locations by June 2013 and plans on expanding into other markets. Dr. Lange has developed a nationally recognized eye care center that is involved in cutting edge research . The Lange Eye Institute is involved in multiple nutrition, optical and contact lens studies at any given time. Lange Eye Cares philosophy is to "go that extra mile" and treat everyone as if they were family. As of March 2016 Dr. Michael Lange sees patients 5 days a week at The Lange Eye Institute in the Villages Florida. Dr. Lange has an elite group of hand picked eye doctors both optometrists and ophthalmologists to take care of the vast array of patients in the Florida area. The Lange Eye Institute also has the latest in technology to aid the doctors in early and correct diagnosis of eye disease and helps the doctors in their ongoing treatment of any eye disorder. The doctors and staff are continuously updating their knowledge and skills thru ongoing continuing education that is provided by Lange Eye Institute. Dr. Michael Lange is a pioneer in the area of nutrition and eye care and has developed unique vitamin formulations that are being used world wider by doctors to help combat against free radical damage and disease in the eyes and body., Dr. Michael Lange was one of the first Optometrists in the country to become a Certified Nutrition Specialist. Dr. Lange and his staff of doctors uses their knowledge in nutrition to enhance the eye exam experience at the Lange Eye Institute. Dr. Lange states " you would be amazed at what some simple dietary and lifestyle changes can make in a patients visual future. Patients come from all over the country for this unique eye approach. In April of 2016 Dr Lange sold all of his office except The Lange Eye Institute. Dr Lange now spends the majority of his time seeing patients at his flagship , The Lange Eye Institute in The Villages Florida. This center is close to 30,000 sq ft and houses the very latest in eye technology. Dr Michael Lange started a new company Blue Light Defense in 2015 to research and develop lenses that filter the damaging blue -violet frequencies of light. In 2017 Dr Lange purchased Paleo Simplified to help improve the diets of all Americans. 2019 Dr Lange opened the Fortifeye Nutrition Center in Clearwater.

Dr Michael Lange The Villages Eye Doctor develops evidence based supplements for support of vision and overall health

Dr Michael Lange the Villages eye doctor goes above and beyond the call of duty to help all of his patients. Dr Lange opened 14 Lange eye care centers in the state of Florida with his first in Ocala Florida on March 15 1993. Dr Lange wanted to build an eyecare center from the ground up with everything needed to provide the highest quality of care in a comfortable caring environment. He wanted to use the latest in technology and also provide the latest natural approaches to helping his patients Dr Michael Lange opened the Lange Eye Institute in November of 2006, He had 3 offices in the Ocala area, 2 in Gainesville and one in Summerfield and patients begging him to open one in The Villages. Patients would drive to Ocala to See Dr Lange, the doctor they have heard on multiple radio stations since 1993. Dr Lange started hosting a syndicated radio show called “ask the dr” April of 1993 and states this radio show is responsible for his rapid expansion and huge success. Dr Michael Lange The Villages eye doctor has developed the Lange Eye Institute into a destination for many patients to come form around the country for the personalized care they get from Dr Lange with an attention to detail. Dr Lange is also a certified nutrition specialist that has been involved in research and development of nutritional supplements and diets for the support of the visual system and entire body. Dr Lange is the founder of Fortifeye vitamins the maker of one of the first evidence based macular degeneration supplements called Fortifeye Macular Defense. Learn more at Dr Lange stays busy researching ways to not only help the visual system but the entire body. He developed a supplement to help athletes build a strong healthy body through the latest in nutritional support and found out it is an amazing way to help his seniors with sarcopenia a muscle wasting aging process. this new generation supplement is called Fortifeye Fit the Ultimate Muscle Fuel. learn more here . He is involved in omega 3 research an in October of 2021 he has just launched 2 new educational omega 3 sites that will grow significantly with new information and studies over the next six months. The new omega 3 sites are and Dr Michael Lange of The Villages Lange Eye Institute always has a lot going on and says he wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Dr Michael Lange and staff available 7 days a week

Dr Michael Lange, Dr Lori Caputi and Dr Chris Castello are available five days a week at the Lange Eye Institute in The Villages Florida. These doctors are also on call 24 hrs a day. The Lange Eye Institute has the best of optometry, ophthalmology and opticianary all under one roof. Dr Michael Lange is also a certified nutrition specialist and is involved in research and development of nutritional supplements to support vison and total body health. He is the founder of Fortifeye Vitamins. learn more at Dr Lange has also been hosting a syndicated talk show called “ask the dr” since 1993 and can be heard all over the world. Learn more about Dr Lange and what he has going on at . These 3 doctors have an amazing amount of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of all ocular diseases. call 352 753-4014 for an appointment.

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Ocular Allergies discussed by Dr Michael Lange

Dr Michael Lange on Ocular Allergies.

Ocular allergies, also known as allergic conjunctivitis can occur when your immune system overreacts to outdoor allergens, such as pollen from trees ,weeds , grass and other plant materials. Dust, dander, hair and many other things can cause ocular allergies . An allergic reaction can occur when any allergen comes into contact with the conjunctiva and causes mast cells to release histamine and other chemicals that cause the eye to become itchy, red and inflamed. Dr Michael Lange of the Lange Eye Institute in The Village Florida says Allergic conjunctivitis is one of the most common forms of red eye he sees at the Lange Eye Institute during the year.

Seasonal allergies and allergic conjunctivitis are less common during the winter, but it’s possible to experience them year-round, as different plants emit their pollens at different times of the year.  

If you’re seeking eye allergy treatment in The Villages, FL, contact Dr. Michael Lange at Lange Eye Institute today. 

What are the symptoms of allergic conjunctivitis ? 

These are some of the symptoms you may notice if you have allergy eyes: 

  • Itching
  • Redness
  • Burning
  • Clear, watery discharge 
  • swelling

While most people experience mild to moderate versions of the above symptoms, inflammation can be severe enough to cause blurred vision and even cause some pain Many other symptoms can run along with the eye symptoms like:. runny nose or sneezing. 

It is important to visit an eye care provider like an optometrist or optometric physician while having symptoms.

While the symptoms of allergy eyes can be uncomfortable and bothersome, they are not life-threatening, vision threatening or contagious. The symptoms of eye allergies can, however, mimic the symptoms of other more serious eye conditions that can pose a threat to your eye health. That’s why it’s important to see an eye doctor who can evaluate your symptoms and make the correct diagnosis the first time. Do not go to urgent care center of emergency room for red eye unless it is your only option.

If you’re experiencing watery, itchy eyes, contact Dr. Michael Lange at Lange Eye Institute for an evaluation.

How can you educe eye allergies during the summer and fall

Prevention is the best form of treatment. While you might not be able to eliminate eye allergies completely, there are several things you can do to reduce the effects of pollen. 

  • Wear sunglasses: Wearing sunglasses while outdoors will help keep pollen particles out of your eyes, especially on windy days. 
  • Keep your windows closed: On pollen-heavy days, keep your windows shut to reduce the number of pollen particles entering your house. 
  • Wash your face and eyelids daily: Pollen tends to stick to your eyelashes, creating irritation. To prevent this, use a mild face soap to wash your face and eye area in the morning and right before bed. Use a good lid hygiene cleaner before bed like Optase TeaTree Oil Cleansing gel or Oasis Tears Hypochlorous eyelid cleansing spray.
  • Use a good preservative free artificial tear like Optase of Oasis Tears Plus that has a natural anti inflammatory called Hyaluranic acid in them that helps to reduce eye allergy symptoms.
  • Cold Compress 2 to 3 times a day for five minutes.
  • Dietary Omega 3 fish oil has been shown to benefit early and late stage allergic conjunctivitis by reducing inflammatory markers. Take a good triglyceride form omega 3 fish oil like Fortifeye Super Omega or Fortifeye Super Omega 3 Max. Dr Michael Lange states that his patients on omega 3 fish oil have less ocular allergies and less dry eye symptoms. He recommends taking 1600 mg of tg form omega 3 if weight is under 180 lbs and 2400 mg of tg form omega 3 fish oil if over 180 lbs. He states always a good idea to consult with patients own eye doctor.
  • To learn more and purchase anything discussed in this article you can go to 

If your symptoms are still bothersome after trying the above tips, you can try using over-the-counter medications, prescription medications, or a combination of the two. Non-prescription treatments include artificial tears, decongestants /antihistamine eye drops, and oral antihistamines. If those don’t help with your symptomology you must see an eye doctor for further evaluation and treatment.

To be evaluated for ocular allergies or to learn more about how to resolve your symptoms, contact Dr. Michael Lange at Lange Eye Institute today or call 352 753-4014

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Dr Michael Lange and The Lange Eye Institute throw Annnual Fall Festival in The Villages.

Dr Michael Lange and the Lange Eye Institute will have their 12th annual Fall Festival on October 20th from 11-3pm . Every year Dr Michael Lange throws a big party for his patients and the entire community thanking them for their support. This year the theme will be race day and Dr Lange will have his race team and His current Dodge Race Vipers on display. Many other race cars and show cars will also be on display. The Lange Eye Institute will also have a designer frame trunk show and lots of food, drinks ,give aways and raffles. Come on out to The Lange Eye Institute in The Villages on corner of CR 101 and 466 between 11-3pm October 20th. Dr Michael Lange and staff will be there to mingle with the crowd and have some fun.

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Dr Michael Lange is now at the Lange Eye Institute full time.

Dr Michael Lange expands health care at The Lange Eye Institute in the Villages Florida.

Dr. Michael Lange Optometrist and talk show host

Dr. Michael Lange in front of The Lange Eye Institute in The Villages.

Dr Michael Lange started Lange Eye Care and Associates on March 15 1993 in Ocala Florida.  Dr Lange states “I was at the right place at the right time”.  Right out of school he did a demographic study and found that Marion County was the fastest growing geriatric community in the country in 1990 and was under served in the eye care area.   Dr Lange worked 18 hrs a day 7 days a week for the first 20 years building Lange Eye Care and Associates.  He opened 14 Lange Eye Care locations in Gainesville, University of Florida, Panama City, Williston, Inverness, Citrus Hills, West Ocala, Ocala, Downtown Ocala, Summerfield, The Villages, Tampa and 2 locations in Clearwater.  His syndicated radio show, ” ask the dr” was the spark that ignited his fast expansion.  He has been hosting this…

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New Zealand Whey Protein from grass fed A2 cows developed by Dr Michael Lange


Dr Michael Lange and Fortifeye Vitamins have developed a new grass fed whey protein concentrate from New Zealand cows.  Dr Lange has been involved in nutritional research for many years with macular degeneration and dry eye patients. He has seen many of his patients improve their overall health and their ocular health when they start consuming a non denatured whey protein concentrate from grass fed New Zealand cows.  Dr. Michael Lange states that Glutathione is one of the biggest deficiencies in his patients that have macular degeneration and dry eyes.   The fastest way to eliminate a glutathione deficiency is to consume a whey protein concentrate from year round grass fed cows daily.  It is difficult to get a protein  company to certify that the protein comes from year round grass fed cows. Most cows are fed grain half the time and grass fed the other half. Most of the grain used for cows feed is genetically modified and can pass on the gmo material in the milk and then the whey protein.  Dr. Lange developed a non gmo ,non denatured whey protein concentrate from grass fed New Zealand A2 cows.  These cows feed year round on pesticide free grass and are never given any antibiotics or hormones of any type.  Fortifeye Super Protein is the name of this new protein and will be available  in December 2015.  Dr. Lange stated all the new evidence based science is proving that the whey protein concentrate is a healthier choice for a protein versus a whey protein isolate.  Whey protein isolate is more processed and less natural than a concentrate and has been stripped of all of the nutritional cofactors and healthy fats that are responsible for the  immune building properties of whey protein.  Most nutritionally in tune physicians and nutrition gurus are now recommending whey protein concentrates instead of whey protein isolates.   Whey Protein isolate vs whey protein concentrate  is an easy choice these days, Whey Protein concentrate from grass fed New Zealand cows!  If you are wanting to build muscle and loose fat or just jump start your immune system  you may want to consider adding Fortifeye Super Protein to your anti aging regiment.  Fortifeye uses only organic flavor systems and uses sunflower seed lecithin and no soy lecithin to give the protein a rich smooth creamy flavor.   to learn more about the anti aging  properties of  Fortifeye Super protein  click on this link:

you can now order two delicious flavors at



Drink to your health!

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Dr Michael Lange hosts popular live call in show for 23 years.

Dr. Michael Lange Optometrist and talk show host

Dr. Michael Lange hosting "Ask the Dr" Dr. Michael Lange hosting “Ask the Dr”

Dr Michael Lange started hosting a popular talk show  called  “Ask The Dr” in April 1993.  This is a live call in show that is aired on multiple radio net works through  out the country.  Dr Michael Lange is a board certified optometric physician and a certified nutrition specialist with over 23 years in private practice.  Dr Lange’s talk show is all about the latest in eye care and nutrition.  Patients can also listen all over the world via the internet  and on I heart radio and In tune radio. Here is a link to listen live to Dr Michael Lange or to listen to some archived shows.  Dr Michael Lange is also the CEO of Fortifeye Vitamins and  a new company involved in blue light protection to minimize blue light damage to the eyes and entire body.  Dr …

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Dr Michael Lange talks Natural Anti Aging

Dr Michael Lange talks Natural Anti Aging.

via Dr Michael Lange talks Natural Anti Aging.

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Dr Michael Lange talks Natural Anti Aging

Dr. Michael Lange Optometrist and talk show host

Michael Lange Optometrist and organic chef. Michael Lange optometrist and organic chef.

Natural Anti Aging discussed by Dr Michael Lange. 9/13/14

Dr. Michael Lange is an Optometric Physician and a Certified Nutrition Specialist, he is the founder of Lange Eye Care and Associates and The Lange Eye Institute.  He is involved in nutritional research and is the founder of Fortifeye Vitamins. Dr Lange is a syndicated talk show host of “Ask The Dr” non stop since April 1993.  This talk show is a live call in show dedicated to educating the listeners about  the latest in eye care and nutrition.

1.  Proper Diet is key to anti aging! Consuming the right foods and avoiding the wrong foods is extremely important when following a specific diet. God made a pretty good body and when the proper fuel is given to the body it performs very well for a very long time.  I recommend  consuming a modified organic…

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Michael Lange OD develops new probiotics and enzymes

Michael Lange OD has been involved in the R&D of supplements for many years.  He is a firm believer in giving the body the fuel it requires to perform and be healthy. Dr Michael Lange believes digestion is crucial for good ocular health and total body wellness.  Todays foods are over processed, synthetic, genetically modified and raped of nutrients the food had 30 years earlier. We are seeing many digestive problems in society today. It seems like everyone has gerd, acid reflux, IBS, heart burn, celiac ds, ulcerative colitis, chrohns ds to mention a few.  Today it is important for people to  eat the foods that contain live enzymes and probiotics.  Many digestive problems would vanish if the typical American would do a complete dietary make over.  However this is not realistic with todays hectic schedules people are going to continue to eat fast food, junk food and overly processed foods because it is convenient. This vast majority of the population will benefit from taking enzymes with their cooked meals and taking probiotics in the am or the pm on an empty stomach. Dr Michael Lange has developed a new line of digestive aids. Once digestion is improved ocular health and overall health may improve.  These probiotics and enzymes will be available by Middle of July 2014.  or call 866 503 9746

Fortifeye Probiotic Bacteria & Fortifeye Digestive Enzyme Coming soon!

Fortifeye Probiotic Bacteria & Fortifeye Digestive Enzyme Coming soon!!!!untitledFortifeyeEnzym

Fortifeye Digestive Enzymes A vegan formula for a healthy gastrointestinal system with a blend of full spectrum, plant-based digestive enzymes designed to accelerate and support the digestion and assimilation of food. We utilize the purest quality cultured enzymes in order to obtain the highest concentrations of activity. They are then blended with energized co-factors to further enhance their performance.


Fortifeye ProbioticFortifeye Probiotic Bacteria A vegan formula for a healthy gastrointestinal system is a blend of fifteen (15) separate and unique strains of bacteria designed to restore balance to the lower intestinal tract. We utilize the purest quality cultured strains of beneficial bacteria. They are then blended with energized co-Factors to further enhance Their performance.

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